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For azurelunatic

Name: MegaZone
Age: 32
Reason for lj username: megazone was taken, zonereyrie is my default second choice. 'zoner' is one of my nicknames, and I'm a co-founder of 'Eyrie Productions'.
Aim sn: zonereyrie
Reason for aim sn: same reason
Do you enjoy reading my lj: yes
Why: I like seeing what's going on with my friends, it is a social situation. It is also a way many real-world social events get organized. And the communities I read can have some interesting topics, and sometimes I meet interesting new people.
Interesting fact about you: I invented the 'optgroup' element in HTML and WML
Weird fact about you: Um, hmm, my full legal name is 'MegaZone'.
Quote: "My world is cheddar!"
Will you post this in your lj: sure
If you saw me out in the streets would you say hi: yes - if I knew it was you.
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