MegaZone (zonereyrie) wrote,

Red Hot Chili Peppers

Oh yeah, I kind of forgot to post this. I'm going to see RHCP with miashell and pinksbrat in Boston on Friday. I have four tickets. Those astute in math may notice that myself + them = 3 people. So I have a spare ticket. If anyone wants to go, let me know.

Otherwise I think my plan is to find some cute girl outside the venue looking for tickets, and then just give it to her. I've done that before with tickets to Ani DiFranco and such - it is kind of fun to watch their reactions when they go from depressed about not getting to see the show to suddenly getting in for free.

And no, I'm not enough of a slime ball to try to mack on them. Half the fun is being the Stranger in Black who hands them a ticket and then goes. (Though RHCP is assigned seating, so I guess it won't work as well as a GA show when you vanish into the crowd...)
Tags: concerts, music

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