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I have had a serious jones to GET AWAY FROM HERE for a while now. (I really do need to just block out a friggin' weekend to drive up to see z_gryphon.) But I really want to go to Florida and/or Berkeley. Since my folks just retreated back home to Florida for the winter and just before they left we talked about my coming down to visit, as I do each winter, that has just been on my mind all the time. Specifically going to Disney. I know, it is the cheesiest place on earth and all, but I don't care, I have fun there and always enjoy myself greatly. A few years ago I actually shot down for just a weekend, but I really can't afford that now - my finances are not good. So I'll probably wait for February and go down and see my folks, and take a trip to Disney while I'm there - which is what I've done the past could of years. They're in Jupiter, which is a couple of hours' drive from WDW, not bad at all.

But I also keep seeing things that are making me 'homesick' for Berkeley. And homesickness is the best description I have for the feeling, despite having only lived there for 2.5 years from late '95 to early '98. I've never felt as at home and as comfortable living anywhere as I have in Berkeley. I've never had these kind of homesick feelings for upstate NY, where I actually grew up and lived until I left for college. I had some homesickness for MA when I lived in Berkeley, but that was mainly missing the people, not the place. In fact, I lived in Worcester 89-95 and from 2002 until today, and I still don't give a shit about the place. Worcester is a pit and I still don't like the town. There are a couple of decent places around, and people I like, and that's it. The best thing is has going for it is lower housing costs than points east, which is why I moved back there in 02 in the first place. It is nice being close to usagijer and solipsistnation too. (Now if we could setup a wormhole to z_gryphon and lizzielizzie...)

Tonight it was Top Dog (ugh, just typing that makes my mouth water like Pavlov's dog). I was reading through kimmi8 and since she lives out that way she mentions things like the Emmeryville Barnes & Noble (and attached Public Market), Top Dog, etc, which gave me a big rush of homesickness for Berkeley, as well as a massive craving for Top Dog. Oh, and Blondie's. Yeah. *whimper*

It has been a few years since I took a trip out there. The very first time I visited Berkeley, planning for Anime Expo sometime in the early-90s, I walked around town and something just clicked and I felt at home. I knew shit about the town then, I think I was walking down Shattuck. I thought then that I might live there sometime. Then a few years later I got recruited by Livingston and ended up living there and it was good. I loved driving up into the hills behind UCB and looking out over Berkeley, Oakland, and the Bay. For a while, during the bubble when Event Zero was opening offices around the country (or at least talking about plans), I had some hope I might manage to get back there.

It'll probably pass, but some days I just want to ditch my responsibilities and go bum around for a while. But the consequences wouldn't be pretty.
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