MegaZone (zonereyrie) wrote,

I live

Since I whined while sick, I should report that I seem to be mostly better. Yesterday I made it to the Camelot Cohousing meeting, then retreated home for a while, and then made it out for the Sunday dinner horde. I ended up crashing somewhat early. I didn't sleep all that well - coughing fits and such, seemingly the aftermath, and still a little wonky on temperature control. (Damn I'm cold... OK, now I'm sweating... Now I'm cold again...) Today my head is mostly cleared up, still a little sniffly, and I'm coughing a bit as my body attempts to oust the crap that clogged up my chest over the weekend. Still having little bouts of random temperature fluctuations, but overall I feel a hell of a lot better. So I was sick just long enough to trash most of my weekend. Yay.
Tags: health

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