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Sleep study

So, last night was my sleep study. It was fairly straight forward and (mostly) painless. The Sleep Disorders Center is in a 'new' building at 85 Prescott Street. I put new in quotes because it is really an old industrial building that is being refurbished. I like that - lots of wooden pillars and heavy wood beams holding things up. It was kind of weird in that the rooms you sleep in are like hotel rooms - room with a bed, and a small closet, with an attached bathroom with a shower. They have TVs, etc - but this is all off the typical 'doctor's office' hallways and such. The building is still being worked on - the hallway outside the center has temporary carpet taped down, and on the way out i peaked into the 2nd floor from the stairwell (center is on the 3rd floor) and it was still in the process of being gutted.

Anyway, it took a while to fall asleep since I had wires glued to my head and all, but I did eventually. And I guess I 'passed' the test, because sometime in the middle of the night the tech came in and said I'd met the criteria for sleep apnea, so they put the CPAP on me for the rest of the night. (For those friends who have CPAPs and know the terminology - I found the nose mask drove me batty because I dislike having my field of vision blocked, so I selected the humorously named 'nose pillows' style.) I slept again and awakened around 9AM - I only know that because I managed to check my Treo for the time. (No clocks in the room.) I thought about calling an end to the test then, but I guess I fell asleep again.

The odd part is that I then proceeded to have a 'starting the day' dream wherein I *did* call an end to the test. A female tech came in and unwired me, we went over the test, and I left.

So around 11AM a tech came in a awakened me, ending the test. Then we went through the unwiring procedure, and I got cleaned up and dressed, then left. What made the dream odder in retrospect is that the tech who set me up last night was male. But the tech who released me this morning was female, just as in the dream. Since I tend to crash late and sleep late, I'd be scheduled for a special late test - most people crash earlier in the night and they're kicked out real early in the morning. So normally one tech monitors you all night. I guess they swapped off around 7AM for me. I slept fairly well once I had the CPAP - though I'm still a little groggy since it was just part of the night. (No idea what time they did that, but I only turned off the TV at midnight, and I remember checking my Treo at ~1AM to check the time, and I was up for a while after that.) My head feels a bit weird, and my lungs feel weird in a "wasn't it harder to exhale a little while ago" way. Like when you pick up a thing of milk expecting weight, only to nearly toss it because it is empty.

It is a little weird knowing you're on camera trying to go to sleep, but the IR spotlight next to the camera is kind of cool. When the lights are out you can see a bit of a red glow from the visible spectrum. I wonder if I can get a copy of that recording...

So, anyway, it looks like I do have Obstructive Sleep Apnea so I'll likely be getting my very own CPAP (or, as z_gryphon likes to call it, 'the magic nose machine') in the near future. I guess that's one step towards cyborgization.

I got home 1PM-ish I guess, maybe a bit before, and I just caught up on email for work and personal. Now I need to shower and get this glue out of my hair, then find food, since I had dinner at 6:30 last night (a couple of McD's cheeseburgers since I was rushing to get to the test on time) and that's the last I ate.
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