MegaZone (zonereyrie) wrote,

It's a combination of the words for Giant and Mantis

Along the lines of GiantMantis, I've noticed another silly translation issue. The show "How It's Made", which airs on The Science Channel and Discovery, is originally produced in French for Quebec. Much of the text that shows up is dual-language, but sometimes silly things happen. Since measurements are all given in metric in the original, they put text on the screen giving the English system equivalents. But when you're watching the English language dub it is just silly. You get things like the voice over saying "The newsprint comes in jumbo rolls weighing about nineteen hundred pounds apiece" with a little box on the screen that says "That's about 1900 pounds." or the voice says "The printing starts out slowly, but within a few seconds revs up to 25 miles per hour" with "That's 25 miles per hour" on the screen.

So instead of a translation you get kind of the infomercial effect, where they have someone repeat something the host just said to emphasize it.

"Drop the bass, the whole bass, into the Super Bass-O-Matic 76!"

I think the lovely cherry Lambic I'm imbibing makes it all the more amusing.
Tags: humor, tivo, tv
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