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What's in a name?

Ok, actually there is something to rant about. You'd think that a name like MegaZone would be pretty damn unique - so why is it every time I try to sign up for a service like this it is taken? AIM, Yahoo, MSN - even Who the heck are these other people using MegaZone? Is it possible they're also fans of obscure anime? Nothing major, just a little frustrating.

So I've been adding a bunch of friends today, and word is getting around that I finally setup an LJ, so other people are adding me too. Which is interesting because there are a few people who have added me as friends and I don't know who they are. I tried to figure it out from reading their LJs, but haven't sorted it out yet. Weird.

Anyway, time to get off of my arse and get ready to head over to usagijer and slarti's for dinner. I've been mostly just sitting around watching stuff off of my TiVo all day.
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