MegaZone (zonereyrie) wrote,

Meme: 12 firsts

OK, so this is that meme where you post the first sentence of the first post from each month of the year.
Jan: Hey it's Zoner, it's uh about 9:24 I am at Logan waiting to start boarding my 9:50 flight out to Vegas on my way to CES . (From a Voice Post.)
Feb: Student Doctor Network Forums - Things I Learn From My Patients (a link)
Mar: So, anyone else using Linked In?
Apr: The past couple of weeks I've been insanely busy and haven't had time enough for sleep, let alone less important things like LJ.
May: A few days ago I posted a lyrics quiz.
Jun: I had one of those blinding flashes of the obvious on the drive home tonight.
Jul: Tonight I found one and read all 5+ years of the archives - Ghastly's Ghastly Comic (a link)
Aug: You must visit this page and view the PDF - or just view the PDF here. (links again)
Sep: Peter Jackson has announced he will remake 1954 classic The Dam Busters, the BBC reports. (another link)
Oct: I saw this earlier tonight in reddragdiva but I was suspicious because I couldn't find a primary source, and I've seen to many false reports of trouble in the past.
Nov: That's Storage Area Network, I'm not playing Call of Cthulu. (on my Work filter)
Dec: Man, this sucks.

So, uh, not really much of a narrative there. :-)
Tags: meme
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