MegaZone (zonereyrie) wrote,

Ah hell

James Kim found deceased

Yeah, I know, I'm not surprised, but it is still shitty.

And I'm sure there will be second guessing on his going for help. He stayed with the car and his family for a week without being found, then decided to go for help. I can't say I'd've done anything differently. I know the 'rule' of staying in one place when lost in the wilderness, it makes it easier for searchers to find you. But at some point, if you're not found, you're on your own. And with similar cases in recent years people were rescued only because they *did* go and seek help. There was the family in an RV where a couple of people went out and were found, and were able to direct rescuers to the rest of the people trapped. Conversely, there was the guy who died in his pickup, who appears to have never even explored the area, and he was just around the corner from a clear road that went straight to 'civilization' less than 20 miles away. If he had just surveyed a bit he would've seen the road. But he stayed put and starved to death.

If he'd found help before the car was found everyone would be saying he was a brave hero, saving his family, etc. Since the car was found two days after he set out, and he died, people are already saying he should've stayed with the car. Hindsight is wonderful and all, but if your family was slowly starving and freezing, I think it would be hard to just sit and wait after a week without being found.
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