MegaZone (zonereyrie) wrote,

Voice Post: CES day recap

269K 1:20
“Hey, it's Zoner. I had a good day at the show - I spent most of the day at the Tivo booth...I was probably there for about 6 hours. Spent time going around to each little thing, getting a LOT of photos of the screens and talking to people, getting a lot of different information. I know, you know, I guess I wouldn't want to say 'professionally', but I guess, uh, in the Tivo community, there's a lot of people who work at Tivo, so...met a bunch of people I know, chatted with people I've talked to in the past and everything. I actually met the person I dealt with for the Series 3 review, so that was cool. And I did wander aorund a little bit, saw some other things that were in that area. Right now I'm back at my hotel room, just got back here, took a little while to get out of the convention center area. I'm meeting Richard Kim, some people know him as pockey, over at the Paris for dinner. He's in town for CES, and then he told me he's gonna get tickets to, or he has got tickets something like that, to Penn & Teller, and wants to know if I want to go. So my post to TivoLovers is going to be a little delayed, further than I had planned because, hey, Penn & Teller, I'm not going to miss that, man! So, I'm gonna go catch that after dinner, and then I'll be online later probably if I don't just collapse. Seeya! Bye.”

Transcribed by: lizzielizzie
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