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Any good place to buy luggage near Worcester?

I last purchased new luggage in 1995. That was in a mad rush because Xylogics decided to send me to the UK office for a week, and the only bags I had were ancient hand-me-downs and beat to hell. So I bought the first set of bags I could find, on the company dime. The bag I use most often I received from GTE Internetworking as part of winning the "President's Award" in 1998 for my job performance. In other words, my bags are starting to wear out. I rather like the free bag - it is a long fabric roller bag, just big enough for about a week's worth of stuff. But it is frayed around the edges, and the extending handle is only held together with electrical tape. The bags I purchased (at Sears IIRC) are fairing a bit better, since I don't use them as much, but the largest one tossed a wheel so it doesn't really roll anymore so much as skid along and fall over. I use that for longer trips - like the two week trip I have coming up.

Anyway, I want to get some new bags. I'm not looking for anything fancy, just well made and not stupidly expensive. I don't travel a lot, I usually fly just 3-4 times a year and maybe a few shorter trips by car, so I don't need uber-luggage that that will survive constant road-warrior use.

I would also like to get a rolling bag for my laptop. Since I don't travel a lot, and my laptop is my main machine, I have a 'desk note' - big and heavy. The laptop is generally my only carry-on (well, and my CPAP now), so I also stuff my iPod, Treo, and anything else into the bag, along with any books, etc, for the plane. I've found that carrying that on my shoulder around airports gets real old, real fast. And with the CPAP to carry, it is very unwieldy. The CPAP case has one of those straps on the back, designed to slip over the extended handle of a rolling bag. So I figure I can kill two birds with one stone - get a rolling laptop case and use it to transport the CPAP as well.

But, since I haven't purchased luggage in 12 years, I don't even know if there is a good luggage store around here. So, people who shop, where should I look? I'd consider buying online, but for something like this I'd like to get a look at the bag to make sure it is what I'd really like. And I leave on my next trip on the 17th, so I'd like to get the bags before then.

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