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My day, my inner european, and my flock

I am so completely fried. I met spiderourhero in Harvard Square last night for dinner at 20:30. We ended up hanging out and talking until 23:30. I nearly ran out of gas on the way home - the fuel light came on on 495 as I was heading south towards 290 from Rt2. I figured I could make it most of the way home, so i didn't fill up until Lincoln Street in Worcester. I put in 13.2 gallons... I have a 12 gallon tank. I've never needed more than a bit over 12 to top off in the past. I guess I must've been running on fumes by that point.

I had trouble getting to sleep, so I probably managed many 4 hours last night. Then when I was getting ready for work the gas company rang my bell - they needed to turn off the gas for one of the apartments above me, and all the meters are in my storeroom. So that disrupted things. Then today was so busy that I never managed to squeeze in time for lunch - so it is 18:50 and I have had neither food nor drink since I got home last night.

I'm crispy fried. There is more on my mind, but I'm too crisp to write it all.

You are not European
You are not European.

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