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So I went to see 300 with charmingmuse tonight. The movie could've used a bit more testosterone. ;-) Very stylish and stylized - as to be expected, bringing a Frank Miller graphic novel to the big screen. Lots of blood, as might also be expected.

What is up with Xerxes's freak show harem? Sure, beautiful nearly naked women, understandable. But mutants, scarred women, etc, huh? Freaky shit. For that matter, what's up with Xerxes. Sure, god king and all - but he was fabulous.

The way they played with his voice, and his flamboyant, somewhat androgynous behavior made me keep thinking one thing: Go'auld.

I hope I broke some heads. You're welcome.

We also learn that Spartans are creative lovers, and do it doggy-style.
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