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I call shenanigans.

As others have said, scientific confirmation of this kind of condition should not be hard. If she has such reactions, a simple double-blind test would be enough. I'd like to see her in a shielded room with a hidden WiFi access point - first off, then on - and see if she reacts. Better - tell her it is switched on and don't do it, and see if she reacts - if so, then it is psychosomatic.

If she really reacted to 2.4GHz band radiation, then she'd have trouble in most any urban environment, as WiFi is prevalent. You don't need to go into the Starbucks to receive the radiation, just nearby. And if mobile phones effect her - that radiation is *everywhere* outside. It isn't like the phones and towers communicate with line of site, tight beams - it is basically omni-directional.

Oh, and I loved the 'gamma rays' comment. Lady, if your TV put out *gamma* rays, you had some REALLY strange gear.

Unless and until this is properly tested, I say hoax. '500', or whatever, other people claiming to have the same condition is meaningless. You could *make up* a condition, post all of the symptoms online, and have a few hundred people claiming to suffer from that condition. There are many people ready and willing to believe they're suffering from *something*. And just believing they are can cause psychosomatic symptoms to develop. The mind can do incredible things to the body. It works pretty much like a cult - give people something to believe in and they can convince themselves it is real.

Picked up from Gizmodo.
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