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The things that end up on YouTube...

This was apparently a promo video GTEI/Genuity made to talk-up how cool our NOC (Network Operations Center) was, making it seem a lot more hectic than it normally was. The NOC was down the hall from my office in Burlington, MA when I worked there. I recognize some of these people - and I can say the NOC was not normally so neat. And the people weren't so made-up, I suspect that was done for the filming. ;-) It is kind of odd hearing the lingo again, and seeing the network diagrams that I worked with regularly at the time. The NOC was very flashy and fancy, we used it to impress clients who came in for tours. There was a window in the back wall with a shade that could be raised and lowered via a button in the hall on the other side, so you'd bring people up to the little platform that was there, spiel at them, and then raise the curtain.

While Mark Presti is talking there are shots of people using a mouse on a blue mouse pad with what looks like water drops printed on it, and you can see the matching wrist rest for the keyboard - I have a set of those in a box at home. :-) I think they gave them out while I worked there.

Ralph Jordan, who shows up early on and then near the end, was my boss's boss, maybe even higher than that. I talked to him a number of times - and he could be a pretty intense guy. Not someone I wanted pissed off at me - but, fortunately he seemed to like me. He was a pretty cool guy really. When I'd just started and they made me go through sales training (ugh...), I had to do my mock-negotiation with him playing an angry client. That was my first real encounter with him, and he was harsh! I was thinking "Oh, shit, I'm going to be working under this guy?" But once the session was over he immediately changed his manner and I realized he was just a good role-player. :-)

I don't miss the job, but I do miss some of the people. There were some pretty cool people working there, and we did have some cool tech. The corporate structure was just lame.

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dasubergeek From: dasubergeek Date: March 28th, 2007 09:50 pm (UTC) (Direct Link)
I like the part where they talk about the severity system as though it were some new innovation and not part of pretty much any "real" support system anywhere.

I can't imagine making one of those videos, but I give a short version of that to every prospect I interview.
From: jakichan Date: April 3rd, 2007 05:48 pm (UTC) (Direct Link)


If your NOC is that busy then it usually means your shit is broken. If I had a NOC video it would look like a zen stone garden and everyone would be way mellow because of how rock solid the network was. :)