MegaZone (zonereyrie) wrote,

Ride the Black Rocket!

Yeah, ride it - right into bankruptcy. ;-) I left GTEI at the end of 1999. Shortly thereafter, GTE merged with Bell Atlantic to form Verizon, and GTEI was spun off as Genuity. The dot com bubble was still inflating, and Genuity ran a 'high concept' ad campaign - 'Black Rocket'. No one who worked there knows what the hell it meant. There were several, shall we say 'colorful', interpretations of what it could possibly mean. I just encountered a video of the main TV ad and uploaded it to YouTube for nostalgia's sake. ;-)

EDIT: OK, the video is working now, sorry. And I forgot the best thing, perhaps the only good thing, to come out of this campaign. Someone actually built a working Black Rocket.
Tags: genuity, gtei, humor, idiocy, video, youtube

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