MegaZone (zonereyrie) wrote,

meme - three interests

So, sze asked me to expand on three of my interests:

1. Stand Alone Complex - short for Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex. One of my favorite anime series, ever. Most of the time I won't watch a show repeatedly, but I will watch SAC over and over. It gives me a weird mental frisson, because it takes place in a near future world which has the tech level that I want to live in. I, literally, dream about living in a world with that level of technology, especially full-body cyborg replacements and direct neural interfaces.

2. Near future - well, see #1. :-) I'm fascinated by the near future. What the next level of technology will be. How society and technology interact, and what the next level of potential is. Things are changing so rapidly, I think trying to predict far into the future is pointless. Just trying to envision what will happen in the next ten years, even five, is difficult.

3. Undocumented Features - The largest fan-fiction universe I've co-created and authored material for, as part of Eyrie Productions.

So if you want me to pick three of your LJ interests, leave a comment. :-)
Tags: interests, meme

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