MegaZone (zonereyrie) wrote,

Navy Blue Angel crashes at air show in South Carolina

Lt. Cmdr. Kevin Davis, Blue Angel 6, was killed on Saturday during an air show in Beaufort, South Carolina when his aircraft struck a tree and crashed. Davis was from Pittsfield, MA and had been with the Blue Angels for nearly two years.

Eight people on the ground were injured, and eight structures were damaged in the crash. The Blue Angels flew their performance on Sunday, with a tribute to Davis.

I've been a Blue Angels fan my entire life. I grew up living next to the Schenectady County Airport / Stratton Air National Guard base, and they held an air show roughly every other year, usually with the Blues. I loved watching them with the A-4 Skyhawks, such nimble little planes, and then their transition to the F/A-18. So it is especially sad to see them lose a member.
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