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“Hey, it's Megazone. Yeah, I'm not dead. Hey, the real reason I called is that there's a carnival next to my office here in Marlborough. My office is 241 Boston Post Rd. West, which is Route 20, it goes slightly west of 495. Starting on Wed, I guess, & running through Sun is when this carnival is & has been & will be a carnival in my parking lot, my parking lot, the parking lot next to work. Ferris wheels, tilt-a-whirl thing, scrambler, yo yo, that's the big twirling swings on chains, kiddie rides & stuff, games of chance where you don't have much of a chance, your junk food. [in case there are?] people looking for something to do. It's kindof sketchy, but hey, it's a carnival. Just had my dinner over there since I've been watching the thing since they started setting it up cos I can see it out of the office from where I sit & just had corndogs, french fries, & fried dough. Like extremely healthy, but it's not like I've had carnival food in several years now so I've satisfied that itch for awhile, I guess. I suppose more about what's been going on in the past month or more. Ben & I made a trip to DC, saw the National Air & Space Museum. Lots of different things have happened, seen a lot of movies & just haven't been posting about it. So I'll get around to that at some point in my life. Take care. Bye.”

Transcribed by: solipsistnation
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