MegaZone (zonereyrie) wrote,

Voice Post: The Travels of Zoner (Annotated!)

361K 1:53
“Hey, it's MegaZone. I'm in <a href="">Omaha</a>. Yes! <i>That</i> Omaha. <a href="">Nebraska</a>! Why am I in Omaha, you ask? Well, <a href="">we</a> have a customer in Omaha, and there was an issue at the customer's site. I was in the office on Wednesday when this arose, and they wanted somebody out here as of this morning to help work on the issue. Since it's <a href=""a holiday weekend</a> and lots of people are out of town and unavailable, and I'm single and <a href="">have no life</a>, I volunteered to fly to Omaha. So I left <a href="">Logan</a> [ED. NOTE: Presumably he means the airport in Boston, not <lj user="that_xmas">] at 6 o'clock this morning, and because it's a crazy travel weekend, I won't be able to fly back until late Monday, getting it at midnight-oh-one Tuesday morning. So I've got four days in Omaha, and, uh, hopefully I'll have free time on my hands, since the issue I came out here to resolve is actually resolved, but now some other things have popped up.

So basically I'm just sitting on my hands waiting for a new release from Engineering to try to install, and there's nothing I can really do here except wait. So I'm waiting in Omaha. It's like a sequel to <a href=""><i>Waiting for Godot</i></a>, only <a href="">less exciting</a>.

... Yeah. Omaha.

I suppose there's <a href="">a good steakhouse</a> around; I will have to find it. Other than that, I don't know what I'm gonna do. Hopefully my hotel has Internet access. I haven't been there yet, I came straight to the customer's site from <a href="">the airport</a> and I'm still here.

Oh, and I seem to have developed <a href="">a cold</a>. I've got a sore throat. So hopefully I'll be able to kick this before I have to fly back, or <a href="">flying will be fun</a>.


Transcribed by: z_gryphon
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