MegaZone (zonereyrie) wrote,

Good news, bad news

The good news is I made it home OK. It was a close thing on a few hills, and there were multiple cars off the road - well, stuck in the banks, partly ON the road, which is worse - creating bottlenecks. And I couldn't get up my road to my house, so I had to give up and go around to Burncoat and come down my street.

More good news - my neighbor let me park in his driveway so I didn't have to park in my street while clearing my driveway.

Which is good because...

Bad news - I couldn't get my snowblower started, even giving up on the pull start and using the electric start. This is the first time I needed it this year, so I think it may just be cranky. After trying for a while I smelled gas, so I figure it flooded. Since it was almost 11PM, I gave up and I'll have to try in the morning. Which will give me the advantage of being able to see what I'm doing. I may need to pull the spark plug and make sure it isn't fouled.

And, possibly worse, my 'Check Engine' light stayed on all the way home. And something *is* wrong. Steering doesn't feel right and there is a buzzing-whining sound while the engine is running. I think it is the power steering pump. I may have overheated it cranking the wheel back and forth so much while trying to get unstuck, since I was turning the wheels against packed snow. I'm hoping it is minor, maybe I cooked the fluid and it just needs a flush and fill, and I don't need any major work. But if it seems to be having trouble tomorrow, I don't think I'll risk driving it to work and having my steering fail on the highway or something.

So I heated up some dinner, and I'm going to crash as soon as I'm done so I can get up early and see what I need to do.
Tags: car, commute, home, snow
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