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It was pointed out to me last night that I failed to post the end of the tale, as to what happened with my car.

I took it to the dealer that Friday and left it there, since it wasn't drivable. They said they'd call me Friday if they got a chance to look at it, and, if not, it meant they didn't and it would be Monday. No call Friday. Monday they called to let me know that both the power steering rack and the power steering pump needed to be replaced. Apparently I managed to strip metal off the rack, which got into the lines, and found its way to the pump. Fortunately all of that was under warranty, so I didn't have to pay a dime for that repair. But, as parts needed to be ordered, I ended up not getting the car back until Wednesday the 19th. I the end I paid about $390 for the cosmetic repairs I had done - the new splitter on the front air dam and the right front wheel well liner. Those weren't covered.

So the car has been running just fine since then. And I am VERY happy to have it back and not be driving that Caliber. Though driving the Caliber was a good thing - it made me appreciate a car that knows how to accelerate when I push the pedal down all the more. The Caliber I had was less than sprightly.

However, it isn't all good news. I think the Service Manager I deal with there, Lisa, has a thing for me and wants to keep me coming back. (I joke... though that would be good news, really, I like her...) The switch that controls the driver's side power seat is broken. It worked when they brought it into the shop and adjusted the seat for their driver, but when they brought it back out it didn't work. Now you can move the seat forward, but not back. They hot wired it to put it all the way back, which is where I need it to drive. As long as I don't move it forward, I'm OK.

The good news there is that the switch is also covered under warranty, and Lisa called me today to tell me it is in and I can stop by any time next week to have in installed. It is supposedly a 15 minute job. She had more good news, despite what I was told earlier she got someone in the warranty department to cover my entire Enterprise rental for the days my car was in the shop. Originally I was told only one day was covered and I'd have to pay the rest, but now I don't have to pay for any of it. Which is good news indeed.

But there was bad news. There is a ding in my front bumper, which got there when the car was at Logan for my trip to PMX in early November. It is about the size and location of a truck's trailer hitch mount. Not big, or that bad, but enough to kind of annoy me since I like my car and it is otherwise undamaged. So I had them do an estimate for repair while it was in the shop. I figured it would be a little expensive... but not OVER $2,100! Seems the 'repair' entails replacing the front bumper cover on the car, which is basically the entire fascia as a one-piece unit. The one major part itself is apparently a bit over $1,200. And there are other parts, plus labor of course.


So now I need to think about it. Do I bother to get it fixed at all? If I do, should I make an insurance claim? I have a $500 deductible, so I should just have to pay that. But it might raise my insurance... In any case, I won't make a decision until after my trips to CES in just over a week, and then to visit my folks in Florida in February. After all that I'll see how my (already shaky) finances are.
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