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Garfield, Redux

I have a dirty little secret, which I'll share - because this is the Internet and that's what it is for, right? Anyway, when I was young I loved Garfield. I used to buy all the books of the comics, and I still have them in a box somewhere in my basement I'm sure. I used to watch the animated specials. I had a stuffed Garfield. Yes, feel free to back away from me, that's to be expected.

Anyway, I kind of grew out of liking Garfield many years ago. But I must say that I'm glad it exists, because without it we wouldn't have Garfield Minus Garfield. It is brilliant - take Garfield comics, and remove Garfield completely. You have just Jon and his speech balloons - and it gets pretty weird and creepy, sometimes it is just bizarre, and sometimes you get the feeling Jon is a terribly sad and lonely man. And it was always there, after all, Garfield is just his cat - he doesn't actually speak. Garfield's 'dialog' was always just thought balloons. I love it. And I see it is syndicated as garfieldminus.

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