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Mahalo Daily Vlog Idol Contest Voting.

Mahalo Daily has been holding a contest to select a new host, since Veronica Belmont left to join Tekzilla at Revision3. Now they're down to the final six and looking for votes - these are my votes.

#1. Kristina Allison

This one felt the most like Mahalo Daily to me, having watched Veronica for a while. Kristina seemed nervous and breathless in the open, but she did OK and she calmed down during the interview proper. I liked the tone, I felt the production values, picture inserts, text pop-ups, etc, were well done. I loved her genuine reactions to the guests stories. It is all the more impressive because she was the 'dark horse', with no prior experience. All around I like this one. And I think it would be awesome for Mahalo to break new talent. I've really like to see more of Kristina on Mahalo.

#2. Michelle Hummel

Michelle had been my favorite throughout most of the competition, until Kristina's video was posted. That bumped her to second place for me - but it is a very close second. I like her look and energy. She definitely has a Lucy Lawless kind of thing going on. I think she did very well with the mic work and she had solid questions which made the segment informative. And she's a real techie, having worked as a web developer. The one ding for me was the racing footage bits of the clip - there was a bit too much of that, it went on for too long.

#3. Andrea Rene

While Andrea made me cringe and flinch a couple of times, as a gun owner myself, by improperly handling a firearm in her video (turning away from the range with the loaded weapon) she did a solid job as a host, and I think she deserves credit for tackling a topic outside of her comfort zone. Mahalo could use a host who is willing to explore new topics, so that's a plus. But I felt that a fairly serious topic was treated a bit lightly, a little too much joking and not as informative as it could be. The grandmother question just seemed silly, but given it was asked when the guest suggested a revolver I would've followed up with "Why a revolver?" And maybe some discussion of the differences between an revolver and an automatic would have come of it. So I think it was decent but could've been stronger.

#4. Leah D’Emilio

A very solid presentation, very professional. But I just felt it was lacking something, that it felt kind of dry I suppose. So a solid candidate, but she didn't grab me as much as the first three. I don't really have much to say about this one - nothing in particular seemed wrong, but yet it didn't stand out for me. It was just there, so it lands on fourth place.

#5. Nadine Heimann

For some reason the opening finger-kiss thing bugged me. And I don't really know why. I've probably just seen to many annoying otaku do that kind of thing over the years and have developed a Pavlovian response. That aside, I just didn't think she effectively presented the topic. And I didn't feel she delivered on her opening premise about MMA not just being guys beating on each other. (A premise I agree with, just to note.) I felt she could've focused more on the mental aspects of MMA to show that it wasn't just physical, but instead the video became just turned into her doing some moves. I also felt that the mic work wasn't great, and she seemed to stumble over some of the questions.

#6. Sarah Atwood

I kind of feel bad about putting Sarah last, because I actually liked her in general, and she seems like a decent person. But this video just fell totally flat for me, even though the topic seems a perfect fit for Mahalo Daily. The guest seemed interesting, but despite that it completely failed to grab me. The energy wasn't there, this was a real snoozer. And the 'Yaaaay' Sarah did early on really turned me off. Then the quick cut from C&C Music factory felt inappropriate, jarring, and just totally unnecessary. It actually bugged me all three times it was used. I really didn't find much to like about this entry, and thus it is my last pick. Maybe the topic was just too low-key and it pales against the others, it may have been better saved for later. Sorry Sarah.
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