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Mahalo Daily Vlog Idol Contest Voting.
Mahalo Daily has been holding a contest to select a new host, since Veronica Belmont left to join Tekzilla at Revision3. Now they're down to the final six and looking for votes - these are my votes.

#1. Kristina Allison

This one felt the most like Mahalo Daily to me, having watched Veronica for a while. Kristina seemed nervous and breathless in the open, but she did OK and she calmed down during the interview proper. I liked the tone, I felt the production values, picture inserts, text pop-ups, etc, were well done. I loved her genuine reactions to the guests stories. It is all the more impressive because she was the 'dark horse', with no prior experience. All around I like this one. And I think it would be awesome for Mahalo to break new talent. I've really like to see more of Kristina on Mahalo.

#2. Michelle Hummel

Michelle had been my favorite throughout most of the competition, until Kristina's video was posted. That bumped her to second place for me - but it is a very close second. I like her look and energy. She definitely has a Lucy Lawless kind of thing going on. I think she did very well with the mic work and she had solid questions which made the segment informative. And she's a real techie, having worked as a web developer. The one ding for me was the racing footage bits of the clip - there was a bit too much of that, it went on for too long.

#3. Andrea Rene

While Andrea made me cringe and flinch a couple of times, as a gun owner myself, by improperly handling a firearm in her video (turning away from the range with the loaded weapon) she did a solid job as a host, and I think she deserves credit for tackling a topic outside of her comfort zone. Mahalo could use a host who is willing to explore new topics, so that's a plus. But I felt that a fairly serious topic was treated a bit lightly, a little too much joking and not as informative as it could be. The grandmother question just seemed silly, but given it was asked when the guest suggested a revolver I would've followed up with "Why a revolver?" And maybe some discussion of the differences between an revolver and an automatic would have come of it. So I think it was decent but could've been stronger.

#4. Leah D’Emilio

A very solid presentation, very professional. But I just felt it was lacking something, that it felt kind of dry I suppose. So a solid candidate, but she didn't grab me as much as the first three. I don't really have much to say about this one - nothing in particular seemed wrong, but yet it didn't stand out for me. It was just there, so it lands on fourth place.

#5. Nadine Heimann

For some reason the opening finger-kiss thing bugged me. And I don't really know why. I've probably just seen to many annoying otaku do that kind of thing over the years and have developed a Pavlovian response. That aside, I just didn't think she effectively presented the topic. And I didn't feel she delivered on her opening premise about MMA not just being guys beating on each other. (A premise I agree with, just to note.) I felt she could've focused more on the mental aspects of MMA to show that it wasn't just physical, but instead the video became just turned into her doing some moves. I also felt that the mic work wasn't great, and she seemed to stumble over some of the questions.

#6. Sarah Atwood

I kind of feel bad about putting Sarah last, because I actually liked her in general, and she seems like a decent person. But this video just fell totally flat for me, even though the topic seems a perfect fit for Mahalo Daily. The guest seemed interesting, but despite that it completely failed to grab me. The energy wasn't there, this was a real snoozer. And the 'Yaaaay' Sarah did early on really turned me off. Then the quick cut from C&C Music factory felt inappropriate, jarring, and just totally unnecessary. It actually bugged me all three times it was used. I really didn't find much to like about this entry, and thus it is my last pick. Maybe the topic was just too low-key and it pales against the others, it may have been better saved for later. Sorry Sarah.

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From: ext_101067 Date: May 22nd, 2008 09:37 am (UTC) (Direct Link)

Don't be sorry!

No need to apoligize. That 'yaaay' I did at the begining is something I say all the time, its a part of my sense of humor. What can I say...I'm quirky. But, watching it, I can see how, if you don't know me, that could come off strange. Plus, not everyone is going to get my sense of humor or me in general. This is all part of the biz. Ya can't appeal to everyone. I appreciate you watching all the videos and giving quality critiques.

Sarah Atwood :)
From: ext_101076 Date: May 22nd, 2008 10:20 am (UTC) (Direct Link)

Nice critique

Nice review! I don't agree with it all, but it's expressed well, and offers useful criticism to the contestants.