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TiVo Raises The Ire Of Gay & Lesbian Groups
I normally keep things like this to tivolovers, but I thought a number of my friends might be interested in this, and may want to spread the message:


TiVo has become the focus of negative attention from several LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) groups due to their participation in a Father's Day contest. Sounds innocent enough:
This month, as we take time to honor fathers, we have a question for you:

Do you know a SuperDad?

Perhaps he can't leap tall buildings in a single bound, but at some point, he has demonstrated exactly what a dad should be in your mind.

Maybe he taught you to drive. Maybe he's bailed you out of a tight spot. Maybe he's a wonderful father to your children.

Whatever it is, we want to hear your story!
So why the furor? The contest is being run by the notorious anti-gay group Focus on the Family. Focus on the Family head James Dobson is well known for his homophobic stance and outrageous, unsupported statements about homosexuality. While Focus on the Family claims to be a non-partisan group focused on supporting families, their definition of 'family' is fairly narrow and excludes any LGBT families.

The story has been spreading around the web for the past couple of days. It looks like Jeremy at the Good As You blog was the first to spot it. And then Joe. My. God. covered the story and contacted TiVo, who replied:
UPDATE: I had another chat with TiVo and they have emailed me the following:
TiVo’s popular KidZone feature has been recognized by many organizations as a great way to protect children from mature programming. Focus on the Family is one such organization that is leveraging the benefits of KidZone for an affiliate promotion of their of own their own design - in this case a Father’s Day contest.
On the phone just now, their rep stressed to me that TiVo has supported various LGBT groups in the past and that this promotion is just one of many that highlights their KidZone feature. There is an apparent relationship between TiVo and FOTF, even if the haters designed the contest on their own.
The Family Equality Council Executive Director Jennifer Chrisler sent a letter to TiVo on the issue. (PDF) They're also calling on people to do a little culture jamming on the contest by nominating LGBT dads as candidates for Super Dad. They've also setup a petition relating to the contest to be delivered to TiVo.

It has also been covered by ProudParenting.com and EDGE Boston. And the story has jumped the pond, picked up by Pink News in the UK.

Focus on the Family is considered a hate group by many, and, frankly, I personally agree with that stance. No matter what they may pretend, they actively support discrimination and their leader spouts off with complete falsehoods to support his prejudices. TiVo would never dream of partnering with the KKK or any other group that encouraged racial discrimination, but it seems that partnering with a group that encourages discrimination based on sexual orientation is just ducky with TiVo. And that's really upsetting, and disappointing. Brushing it off as an affiliate run contest doesn't really excuse it, IMHO, TiVo can choose who they affiliate with, and vice-versa. I do hope TiVo rethinks this affiliation.

If you want to repost this elsewhere, here's the link to the original at Gizmo Lovers.

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carolf From: carolf Date: June 8th, 2008 07:59 pm (UTC) (Direct Link)
As a strong supporter of LGBT rights and a firm believer in the legal right to same-sex marriage (including with children) I must say that I think everyone needs to take a breath, here.

If you read the description of "dad" as excerpted here, there is nothing that specifies a "traditional" only dad. All that is required is a male. A male friend who "has been a good father to your children" is not barred by the language.

Don't get me wrong: I am quite sure FotF means every narrow-minded, hateful-agenda word they've ever said as intention behind this contest. But if so, they've outsmarted themselves.

Submit all the nominations you can think of of great sub-dads you know, regardless of relationship or orientation. Tivo is the medium, not the message. We can use the same medium for our message.

There was a similar bru-ha-ha over a magazine contest for Mother's Day. It centered on 2 things - one was a semantic error (whether or not adoptive moms should be included as "real" moms) the other was a complaint that same-sex male couples were also filling "mom" roles. The first was corrected. I felt the second was being too sensitive. Mother's Day is for the female parent, as Father's Day is for the male parent. Some parents may fill both roles, but sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

Tivo is not at fault,here, anymore than Western Union is at fault for a hateful cablegram. If FotF has paid for a service like everyone else, then so be it. Now, spike their guns and hoist them on the petard of their own making. And the next time you record "Big Love" or "The 'L' Word," remember that FotF money helped make it possible.