MegaZone (zonereyrie) wrote,

WALL-E and Wanted

There are two movies opening this weekend that I'm really looking forward to seeing - WALL-E and Wanted.

And I was just checking movie times and I see there are just-past-midnight showings of both at Showcase Worcester North - WALL-E at 00:10 and Wanted at 00:35.

Blackstone also has WALL-E at 00:20 and Wanted at 00:05.

I think I'll catch one one of these - I'm leaning toward WALL-E, but if someone wanted to go with to see Wanted I could be swayed. And I'm leaning toward ShoWoNo since I live a few blocks away, but I could also be swayed to go to Blackstone with others.

I'd also like to catch Get Smart sometime, I failed to get around to it last weekend. (And Mongol looks good too...)

So, if anyone is interested in going to see WALL-E or Wanted tonight/Friday morning just past midnight, let me know.
Tags: movies, wall-e, wanted
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