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Wanted rocks!

I saw Wanted this morning. It was ludicrous, completely over the top, utterly ignored the laws of physics, was kind of predictable - and it completely rocked! It was a complete blast, I had a lot of fun watching it. It is very stylish, very flashy, and a hell of a lot of fun. I think it is worth seeing. I'm not sure it would hold up to repeated viewings, since it isn't very deep, but it is a fun experience at least the first time.

As you might expect from a film about a secret society of assassins it is fairly violent and a little gory, though mostly bloody more than giblets. Lots of CGI, including a couple of bullet-time head shots. There's also a nice rear view of a naked, wet Angelina Jolie.

I'm still kind of bouncing from the rush from the movie. Hee.

And some spoilers below:

Note that the weird device Fox uses in the first shootout with Cross in the store is not a Hollywood invention. It is a real device - the CornerShot.

I liked how they set it up right from the start to let you know just how high to suspect your disbelief with respect to physics. I was like "OK, it is going to be a completely unreal movie, right, re-calibrated." And, of course, the lead character is The One, like Neo in the Matrix. But it works, because the movie KNOWS it is doing it and plays with it.

Angelina Jolie is smoking hot, as always, and I certainly don't mind watching her be all hot and deadly. I was kind of upset that they killed her off. I kind of get it, but it stills seems gratuitous. I know it would be a bit cliche to have her and The One end up as the hot killer fuck buddies, but I still would've liked that to be the way it came out. I think I just don't like the idea of killing off someone as hot as Acid Burn Fox.

I loved Dr. McGuffin's Magic Wax baths. "OK, so this is some hand wavy shit that lets us fuck up our lead character badly and not have have this play out over years of time to allow him to heal."

OK, it was predictable in many ways. The only thing I didn't pick up ahead of time was Cross being The One's father. But right from the first seen where Cross tells Mr. X something like "He broke the code" I suspected there was going to be some kind of 'the good guy is the bad guy' cross. And as soon as they showed us the loom of fate with Sloan as the 'interpreter' I knew he was bent. It didn't quite play out the way I expected, but it was what I expected in gross terms. I thought The One and Cross would end up teaming up and together getting rid of the fake Fraternity. I did expect Fox to turn and side with The One, but I certainly didn't expect her to die.

Speaking of her death, isn't it convenient that the bullet had just enough energy to go through all those heads around the room to come back and kill her, but not continue on?

And did I mention that Angelina Jolie is hot? Quite a nice ass.

They really, really, REALLY telegraphed the bit with the rats. That was one place where the foreshadowing was so very heavy it bugged me. The very first time we see the rats and we get the little rat bomb demo it was obvious that was going to be the big vengeance weapon.

And the final shot at Sloan was fairly obvious, the son using the same trick as the father, inheriting his mantle.

But all of that said - it was a blast. I loved it.
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