MegaZone (zonereyrie) wrote,

Teen killed by his own stupidity...

Well, by his own stupidity - with an assist from a roller coaster. Dipshits like this are why we live in a nanny state and can't have nice things.

I do have sympathy for his family and friends, they just lost a loved one and that's horrible. Been there, done that a number of times and it is always a big ball of suck. I also have sympathy for anyone on the ride and any witnesses who will now have a nice traumatic experience to live with. I also have sympathy for the park for the hassle and bad publicity, the rescue workers who had to clean up the mess, and just about anyone else involved.

I do not, however, have sympathy for the jackass who got himself killed. He gets a golf clap and a 'Bravo! Well done!', and hopefully consideration for a Darwin Award.

Now, the next thing will be to watch and see if his family are assholes or not. If they sue the park, they're assholes. And they lose my sympathy.
Tags: death, news
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