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I'm moving to California - yes, really this time

OK, so I haven't been posting much in a while. I think most of my blogging energy ends up used over at, and I never seen to find the time and energy to update my journal. So I don't even remember how much of this I've shared in the past.

I think I mentioned that Cyphermint laid me off on March 28th. On April 7th I started a new job with Sling Media. I'm a Senior Project Manager, aka a Beta Manager. It was a contact to perm arrangement, and both sides (myself and Sling) have been happy, so a while back they started the process to bring me on permanently. But a couple of weeks ago it hit a snag. Turns out they've never hired someone in MA before, which means they don't have any of the framework in place for state taxes, etc. Since the plan was that I'd probably move out there (there being Foster City, CA) eventually, they came back to me with a counter proposal - they keep me on as a contractor for now, I moved out there, and they put me on the payroll full time once I'm a CA resident. And I agreed, it makes the most sense really. They'd rather not deal with the cost and hassle of doing the legal dance just for one employee, who would probably be moving 6-12 months later anyway.

But this really accelerates things. There is a restriction - CA doesn't let companies keep people on as full time contractors for longer than six months. This is to prevent companies from ducking offering benefits, etc, but keeping people on as contractors permanently. That means I really have to be out there and on the payroll before the six month clock runs out, and it started April 7th. Right now I'm tentatively looking at the end of September as the deadline, but if I can move that up I will.

The past couple of weeks, since this snag came up, things have been hectic and I've been extremely stressed out. Moving across country, again, is a major disruption of course. And this time I own a house. I met with a real estate agent today and she's going to run the figures to see if I can sell the house without taking a loss in this market. But initial impressions aren't good, she'd done some quick checks on other homes in the area and the highest sale price was a lot less than I paid for this house in 2005. Not much more than I still owe on my mortgage. But she's going to run all the numbers specific to my house and see what comes up. If I can't sell it without getting burned, I have some friends who are tentatively interested in renting it, with an eye toward buying it down the road. And if I can rent it maybe I can wait for the market to rebound and sell it later. Though I'd rather not be a long distance landlord if I can help it. If something happens to the house it'd be hard for me to deal with it from CA. But I'll do what makes the most sense.

I'm also planning on giving away a lot of my stuff before I move. I'm a real pack rat, but this is a good time to force myself to give up the things I'll probably never use again - video tapes, books, furniture, etc. I'll probably post more on that later.

So, yeah, it looks like I'll be moving to California in September, maybe even August, though I'd like to stick around long enough for one last Purgatory, which sounds like it'll be in September sometime. If I can swing it I hope to drive across country in my car for the move. I've long wanted to do that. (The drive across in that Ryder truck when I helped z_gryphon move does NOT count.)

I also plan to have a 'Going Away' party of sorts at Nick's sometime before I go. I already mentioned it to Nicole and she was all for it.

Oh, and I'll probably be going out for a week in the near future, to check out Sling's home office.
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