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Why can't I ever get out of here early?

I haven't been feeling great since I had trouble sleeping Sunday night (read - I basically didn't sleep). Then Monday night and Tuesday night I didn't sleep well either. Last night I was tired enough to fall asleep immediately - then I kept waking up throughout the night. This morning I almost called in sick just because I was so tired it felt hard to move around.

So, fortunately, today didn't have any major fires, and I figured I might be able to make it a short day and leave around 18:00 since everyone else would be gone. Then there was a delay in upgrading a production component my boss needed me to do today. The ops folks were tired up, so I had to wait. While waiting, a customer called and that kept me busy for a good long while, then I got a window to do the upgrade... So I wrapped things up, making a few LJ entries in between, and now I'm leaving before something else happens. :-) Only 20:23, which is a couple of hours earlier than I've been getting out of here...

I want this week to be over, I want to rest.
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