MegaZone (zonereyrie) wrote,

Zoner's Parking Garage Adventure

407K 2:03
“In the interests of making Zoner come off a little less like a City of Heroes Official Forums poster (or, as Ardie suggests, an Ask MetaFilter querent), here is an updated transcription. --G.

Hey. The capper on my night, a little surrealism: I've basically been here at Sling - you know, I'm out in California all week - and I was up in the office all day, I don't know, shortly after noon until just now. It's about 3:30 in the morning out here. Yeah, that's me.

Anyway, I came out into the parking garage that's under the building and walked out of the elevator lobby doors to find, right in front of the lobby, a Ford Explorer with its lights on, all four doors and the lift gate open, and the dashboard ripped to hell, and glass all by the ground by the driver's side window. Looks like someone came in the parking garage at some point tonight, probably after all the people had left, and smashed the driver's window and stripped the vehicle. Mine's not touched, my rental, which is two rows away, directly in front of it.

So I was like, "Oh crap, did they hit everything," but no . The interesting thing is, I'm standing here in the parking garage and looking across the street at the police station. So, you know, a hundred yards? Well, probably longer than that, but there is part of the building blocking that particular Explorer from view from the station - and you'd have to be looking up at the parking garage, I suppose - but I thought it was interesting. So I called it in, and I apparently was the first one to call it in, so it probably happened sometime later in the evening, after everybody else had left. But the parking garage also has automatically closing gates, so that's interesting. I'm not sure how people got in to strip things.

But, I'm hanging out. I said I'll wait for the officer to come around, since I was the first person on the scene and they might wanna talk to me. And then I'm gonna go home, 'cause I have - well, home, hotel - 'cause I have a meeting at 9 AM, which is five and a half hours from now. So.

I'm actually feeling pretty good. It's a nice night, enjoying the cool evening out here at Foster City, but... a little odd. All right. Bye.”

Transcribed by: z_gryphon
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