MegaZone (zonereyrie) wrote,

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254K 1:17
“Hey, I just heard horn in Marlboro which is something you know pretty much next door to the Syferment(?) building. So as I was leaving I just have this ___ I take a look and I guess ___ it's gone, gone the big Syfermint(?) sign with the logos that was across the top. So the building is been removed completely and is now a least 2500 square foot and a phone number sign up there. Then they hung up there. Although the little phone boards welcome to Syfermint(?) signs that we're we had printed out inside the entry ways I can see are still there. Then apparently one of the all triple A chaos is still sitting in the first floor ___ right side of the building but I don't know, I guess the company is gone. Finally that all over way to your office. I can see the Pepsi machine going through the front window so I guess that's it. I was wondering what the status of things were but if the building's all for lease and signs have been removed and then one up by the road if you could been removed or covered to try this cell with some kind of light patch with with a cypermaze(?) used to be on his arm by the road. Oh well just thought I'd show that. Bye”

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