MegaZone (zonereyrie) wrote,

Yep, looks like Cyphermint is really gone

After seeing the 'For Lease' banner on the building when I was in Marlborough for dinner last Thursday, I was wondering what was up with Cyphermint. Last I'd heard in early July they were pursuing a buyout by some investors. Surfing around tonight it occurred to me again and I poked around and found this article in the Worcester Business Journal. Looks like it was published this weekend, maybe Monday, the byline just says 'Yesterday'. Looks like they're going through bankruptcy, sounds like Chapter 7 from the story - selling off assets. There's couple of things in the story that I'd heard as rumors through the grapevine, sounds like they're confirmed. Sorry to see it end like that, I hope everyone has managed to land on their feet.
Tags: cyphermint, work
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