MegaZone (zonereyrie) wrote,

Answers to blackcoat's questions

1) Why do you keep writing with EPU?

You mean when I actually write something? Because I enjoy the creative process - when I have the time to do it right. I like working with z_gryphon and the rest of the crew. I like seeing the stories come together, and yeah, I like the reactions from fans.

2) You used to be very active on A.S.S. Why did you stop?

A.S.S.? Alt.Sex.? I never really posted on, so that can't be it. There was just and is ASH... You're got me stumped.

3) If you had a chance to do it over again, would you take the Blue Pill?

Um. pardon me while I look up which pill is which, I can never remember.

Ah, ok, no, I don't think I would. Though I don't think I took the Red Pill either, Mine was probably Purple.

4) I've noticed a few people who have gotten to EPU via Elf Sternbergs site. Why do you think that those people stay, being as the two universes are very different?

Yeah, it is kind of funny how my world and elfs's world keep overlapping. :-) Hopefully they stay because they like what they find at EPU. I also like to think there are similarities - good writing, a fun story, etc.

5) You used to live in the San Fran Bay Area. What do you miss about it? What did you miss about the East Coast when you lived there?

I really miss the 'vibe' of Berkeley, which is where I lived. People were just different, and there was a variety of cultures around. Always interesting places to go eat, different events happening, etc. And the SF Bay area is simply a beatiful place. Berkeley is my favorite city, of the places I've seen to date. I'd really like to live there again - but my friends are more important than the location. If I had a job that let me travel between MA and CA regularly, it might be nice. I miss being able to run over to San Fran and hit J-Town, or walk in Golden Gate Park or along the Embarcadero. I miss the Emeryville Public Market. I just miss the entire atmosphere of the place - and thinking about it to write this is making me 'homesick' for Berkeley, and I only lived there 2.5 years.

When I lived there I missed my friends most of all. I never made many friends out there, I worked too much, and I had so many friends here in MA that I'd wish I could see more often. I also missed having real weather - I love thunderstorms and we never had a decent one out there. I like real seasons too - and Berkeley has two seasons: Green and Brown.
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