MegaZone (zonereyrie) wrote,
zonereyrie - Deceptive Assholes left a message on my answering machine today. Something to the effect of "There is a video of your business on our site. Visit to see it." Two problems:
1. I don't have a business.
2. That was my personal land line number.

If you visit the site they want you to enter your business phone number. Basically it is a scam to fool people into signing up for their bullshit site and giving them your phone number, email, etc. Poking around it looks like they think I'm a business, and have me listed as such. This is the second time they've called me and *lied* in their message. The first time was something like "Someone has left a complaint about your business on our site. You can respond by visiting" Clearly they use deceptive practices - OK, bold-faced lies - to try to trick business owners into going to their site and signing up to see these complaints or videos, etc. Which, of course, do not exist.

If you are a merchant, I recommend avoiding completely. Any company that uses such tactics should not be trusted at all, and you really don't want to be giving them *any* information. They're fucktards who should burn in hell.
Tags: anger, business
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