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“Hello, it's I don't know what time is it. It's gotta be like 3:00 in the afternoon here in Wester. I can't really tell I have no clocks. Ok that supposed to be at 3:30 I do have a watch. Our power went off about 14 hours ago and it's still off. Some of you may have seen the news that there was a big ice storm here in New England. It's getting steadily colder in my house it's now currently around 55 56 degrees in here. So I'm starting to think about evacuating basically going to find a hotel or something that have heat and I still have hot water fortunately. So I could probably at least take a hot shower to warm up before I take off but yeah from what I've been able to glean from using my phone and what little was left of my cell phone battery to browse the web and look at the news articles and such. It looks like this is very wide spread and pretty bad. I know there are other areas in Wester with power because I can see the other side of the Valley from where I live and there were lights on last night. There are trees down in my street while it looks like it was been cleared by now. So it should be safe to get out there. The sun came out a little while ago it looks like rusty dice. It started to melt off but I actually have no idea when I'll get power back and if it's not back by tonight there is maybe no way I can stay in this house without heat. Anyway I am safe and sound and I from what I've heard I didn't sound like anybody was really injured in the storm. It's just a massive inconvenience to have no power and therefore no heat etc. Also it means I haven't been able to do any work today since I work on line and it's no and ___ no hearing that. So I thought I'd call and leave a message to let people know in case you're trying to get a hold of me. I'm not online currently and won't be until power comes back and my cell phone is just about dead. I'm actually making this post from one of the cell phones I have for work. To do ___ for testing for ___ because the battery on my phone is done to the red hey charge me soon indicator. I just have it it works for radio opportunity that we routine access from a address book and phone numbers and stuff just in case. So if you try to call me I won't be getting that call either. Not at least until I find some place with electricity that I could charge my phone again. I don't think I have a car charger. So this is my embelling(?) I've got nothing better to do I'm probably gon quilts trying to not shiver very much. Bye.”

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