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The Continuing Adventures of Zoner in the 1800s

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“Hey, it's... I dunno, maybe around 4 in the morning. Sunday morning. My power has now been off for about 50 hours. Went off roughly 2am Friday morning.

Today I broke down and bought a generator. I'd actually gone to Home Depot just looking for D cell batteries, to revive my flagging Maglite. And it turns out they just got an emergency shipment of generators in. I figured, you know, I didn't even think about buying one, because I figured they were all sold out - and indeed they had been. But I dropped 200 dollars, bought a generator. Jer and Shama were kind enough to come down with their Forester, help me haul it home. Since I wasn't about to get it in the trunk of my Charger. So it's purring away outside.

I'm powering a couple of space heaters, which I picked up last winter when my boiler tried to kill me - see blog post. The space heaters aren't really keeping it warm, however they're keeping it warmer-er. It's currently (looking at my indoor-outdoor thermometer) 17.6 degrees outside. Fahrenheit. And it's now 51.6 in my bedroom - it had been down in the low 40's. Downstairs it's still the low 40's but it would be far colder than that. The space heater has more space to heat, and is struggling a bit but it's at least keeping it above freezing, which is my main concern. Burst pipes are expensive.

And the bedroom's actually, at this temperature, comparatively fairly comfortable. Sleeping isn't really too much of an issue, I just bundle all up. I should get a better night's sleep tonight. The past two nights I've been sans CPAP. (I have sleep apnea, for those who don't know.) So tonight I'll be able to run my CPAP again and breathe when I sleep, so I feel better when I sleep.

I've been offline since my power went out, so I've been offline about 50 hours now. Tomorrow I think I'm going to try and get back online. Now that I have a generator, during daylight hours I might try to run a lead over to my DSL modem and access point, and power those back up, and plug my laptop back in, get online for a while. I can tell because my email comes to my phone, that there have been about 80 emails on my work address that have forwarded, and I was a bit shocked, because a lot of them came in today. But such is life.

I don't know when my power is going to be back on. I know this is a long message, I'm just kinda brain-dumping because I don't have a keyboard. I'm probably going to be offline for the most part until my power is back on on a more permanent basis.

If you need to reach me, my cell phone is now charged up thanks to the generator. So I'm back on my own cell phone. So you can get me there, I'll keep it charged now. And you can also text-message me or whatever. And I'll be back online when I can.

I am safe and sound, if a little chilly.

Thanks. Bye.

(pound-sign DTMF)”

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