MegaZone (zonereyrie) wrote,

Anwers to mindways's big list o' questions

A1. Do you enjoy dancing? If so: any particular sorts, or just your general go-to-a-club dancing?

Not really, no. I'm too self-concious.

A2. If you were to choose a melee weapon to learn other than sword, what would it be?


A3. What are two or three ways in which you see you & me as being similar? Different?

Well, I think we're both fairly open-minded and laid-back people, and we both work in tech.

But you're very centered and graceful - things seem to get to me more, and I only wish I had half the grace and body-awareness that you appear to have.

A4. If you were cloned into multiples of you, how would y'all get along with yourselves? (Along the continuum of "would kill each other", "could get along OK, I suppose", or "would cooperate to take over the world")?

I think we'd get along ok in general, but I don't know if we'd really become friends - familiarity breeds contempt and all that. Plus since I tend to be Type A, and take charge of groups just naturally (I get 'elected' to run things a lot too), we'd probably clash.

A5. Are there any people (not including your parents) that you look to as father/mother figures, to a greater or lesser degree?

My maternal grandmother was a huge mother figure for me, perhaps even more than my mother. At least in different ways - I guess I got different things from each of them.

B2. What size bra do you wear?


B3. What's your favorite piano piece? (Need not contain *only* piano, but must have one in it.)

I know it isn't a traditional piano piece, but as soon as I read this question the piano line from Tori Amos's "Pretty Good Year" popped right into my head.

B4. What's the earliest memory you have of someone who isn't a direct relative of yours?

Ugh, um, geez... My lack of time sense strikes again, my old memories are all jumbled - and I can't remember any names. I remember some asshole kid in preschool destroying a big building I'd made with blocks with a toy truck.

B5. What's your least favorite vegetable? (Not including funguses. :)

Hmm, I actually like most vegetables. I guess the 'conventional' one that comes to mind is spinach. Yuck. I've had some 'foreign' vegetables that just tasted wrong to me, but I couldn't name them.

C1. What's your favorite game? (Period or not.) Why?

Tempest 2000 on the Atari Jaguar. I don't know exactly, Tempest was my favorite arcade game growing up, and T2K is the game I can really trance out to. It is almost meditative for me, when I get into a groove I can play until my hands stop working.

Huh, there was no C2...

C3. If you had to choose between the two options, would you rather lose an arm or a leg?

Leg. Not even a second's thought. Prosthetic legs are fairly advanced these days, and the leg doesn't have to do much more than support your weight. Losing an arm means losing a hand, and I use my hands *constantly*. Prosthetic arms and hards are NOT up to the task of being good replacements yet just functionally, and I love my sense of touch too much.

C4. What experience do you have with horseback riding, and do you/did you enjoy it? Why?

Um, I think I took a pony ride on the boardwalk as a teen. In other words, not much. It hasn't really been something I've wanted to do.

C5. Which do you value most in a friend: Intellect, Passion, Honesty, or Kindness? (Need not be an absolute answer; detail is fine.)

This is hard, since they all really need to be present. I think Honesty is most important, because if it is missing then the Kindness or Passion could be faked.

D1. What things make you feel bold + daring?

Hmm, I'm not sure if I do ever really feel bold or daring. I take some risks in life, but I tend to weigh them first. I suppose when I see a friend in danger, etc, then I will act without thinking about it too much

D2. About what ratio of your free time to you prefer to spend with other people vs. by yourself?

This varies a great deal. There are days when I want to be a complete hermit and not see anyone else. Then other days I hate living alone and long for any friendly contact.

D3. What is something you believe more people should be careful about?

Hmm. I think a LOT of people could afford to take more care with their driving. I commute every day and I regularly see complete morons. People could also take more care about sex - cut down on the disease and spawn.

D4. Do you have any craft-y hobbies - ie, hobbies that involve making something? (They don't have to be things you do frequently, just ones that you enjoy when you *do* do them.)

Does playing with Legos, K'nex, etc, count? :-) I still play with 'construction' toys from time to time, just for the fun of it.

I used ot build plastic models, but I'd never paint them because I *SUCK* at painting them. I had more fun building them anyway, painting was tedious. I'd also made kit-bashed models. I built mostly military models, so I'd hang different engines on something, etc.

D5. How sexually adventurous do you consider yourself? (As in, 'the willingness to try new/different/unusual things', not necessarily actual experience with such.)

I think I'm fairly adventurous. I'd say rather more adventurous than the average person, based on the experience I've had conversing with others in person and online. Though not as adventurous as some - some of my friends make me feel completely vanilla. I'm not bi, I'm not into S&M, B&D (well, maybe light bondage sometimes), group scenes, orgies, knife play, etc. I hear stories from some of my friends and I feel like a monk in comparison.

E1. How do you think you've changed over the last 5-6 years or so?

Oh, I've changed a lot I think. There are the usual changes - I know more than I did then since I'm always learning new things. I think I'm wiser now, I've had more experiences - both good and bad - than changed who I am. Some of them brought on major changes, like Ms. Stalker and being laid-off for 16 months. They changed my self-image and the way I interact with others. I don't know that I'd say I trust people less, but I tend to be more cautious in some ways. And I think I don't put as much emphasis on the 'stuff' in my life. I like it, but I wouldn't be devastated without it, I value more friends more than ever.

E2. What is your most vivid memory?

This isn't an easy one to answer. Many different memories are strong for different reasons. Hearing that Derek had died is a very strong memory.

E3. What's something you only tend to do alone/when with your SO that has nothing to do with sex?

Um, take a shower without closing the bathroom door? I dunno...

E4. Roughly what % of the tapes/DVDs that you own have you actually watched?

Hmm, something between 80-90% I think. I have a few long-running anime series on DVD that I haven't gotten around to.

E5. Are there any folks that you've meant to get in touch with for more than a year, but haven't gotten 'round to? Who?

Jenna. I really, really, really fucked up there. I let the communication break down completely just after our, um, whatever it was, ended and she was dating Tom. So it probably looks like I stopped talking with her because of that or something. Now I have no idea what I'd say.

F1. What's the longest distance you've ever walked in a single stretch?

Hmm many miles, at least 10 I'd say. I used to go for multi-hour walks around Worcester when I was in college. I've walked from WPI to UMass medical center, but that isn't really all that far. I think the walk from the Exploratorium to the Embarcadero in SF was maybe 4 miles? So the longest 'single stretch' walks would be the ones around town just walking and thinking. I've walked more in a single day, but not in a single stretch.

F2. What's your least favorite insect?

Probably earwigs.

F3. What do you appreciate most about computers?

How easy they make communication. I couldn't keep in touch with so many of my friends without computers and the net. Hell, I wouldn't have *met* many of my friends without it.

F4. Do you believe in spirits, angels, and/or fairies?

Angels or fairies? No. Spirits - um, kinda/sorta. Not really in the 'ghosts' or detached spirit way though.

F5. What do you like/dislike about your body?

I like that it is fairly strong and rugged - I've had a lot of spills that would likely have broken something if my bones weren't so big/thick, etc. I've had serious falls that hurt like hell, but that I was able to walk away from.

I dislike several things. I dislike the slew of allergies I suffer from. I can't have most pets because I'm allergic to just about anything with fur. And please, don't suggest Breed X which is 'non-allergenic'. I'm actually allergic ot many of those breeds too. This also means I can't spend time in the homes of several friends because they have cats, dogs, rabbits, etc. It makes my eyes itch, my nose run, and sometimes gets as far as making me wheeze and have serious difficulting breathing. And it can linger for a few days. No fun. Then there are the general allergies to pollen, mold spores, etc. I think I may be the only guy I know who ALWAYS carries a Kleenex pack in his pocket, because I often need one. It is just part of my life.

I also dislike my build - I wish I had a lighter frame, more in line with my mental self-image of being tall and somewhat gaunt. Even if I wasn't fat I could never do that with my frame.

Then there is being fat - my life is hectic already, and I can't stand gyms, and I like yummy foods - so I have trouble controlling my weight.

G1. If you were able to cause someone to die simply by wishing it so, would you ever use that power?

I would NOT want this power. Not if it were as simple as wishing it so. It had better take some really deliberate effort. I've had the "I wish they were dead" thought too often for comfort if it came true each time. Though I suppose if I had the power I'd learn not to think that, just like I don't point a gun at someone.

- G1a. If 'yes', what would it take for you to do so?

A hell of a lot. Someone being in immediate mortal danger would be enough - defending myself or someone else. I might use it if someone I loved were killed or raped and there was certainty over who did it.

G2. What's your favorite cartoon character(s) from childhood or teen years?

Good one. Perhaps Stormer from Jem - she was one of The Misfits and I always wished I knew someone like her.

G3. How often do you think about sex?

It varies a lot. Some days I don't think of it at all. Other days I only think about it because the tought is planted because of something I read - like someone's live journal where they mention sex, etc. You know "Don't think about a white tiger", etc. Then there are days when I'm *obsessed*, I twist everything into a sexual context, I have to fight not to stare at women, etc.

G4. What's something that you really, really want to do, but haven't done yet simply due to lack of motivation/not yet getting around to it?

Well, there are things I want to do that I havent' done due to lack of resources - no money to travel around the world, etc.

I suppose getting around to recertifying as a private pilot is something I just haven't gotten around to doing, though I don't even know what it would cost these days.

G5. Have you ever punched a wall? A pillow? A person? A senator?

Yes, Yes, Yes, Not to my knowledge.

G6. What's something you accept/tolerate well/are OK with that most people don't/aren't?

Well, compared to the general public, I think I'm a lot cooler with 'alternative lifestyles' than most.

H1. While you're immersed in the middle of a creative project, how do you feel?

Focused. Hyper-focused. If I am truly immersed in something that I'm into, usually that means writing or coding, then the rest of the world just ceases to exist for me.

H2. What's something you enjoy that you'd really like to do more often?

Sex. Well, you asked. :-)

I'd like to spend more time with my friends. I'd like to travel more. I'd like to have more time to work on personal projects.

H3. When did you first realize you loved [someone that you love] ("When" == "under what circumstances" in addition to actual date/time/time of year)

Hmm, I first realized I loved Hazel the day we first met in person, that must've been sometime in 1993 I guess. (Like I said, I'm bad with dates.)

H4. What are three things (not necessarily big ones) about which you're actively optimistic? (ie, your anticipations default to "solidly positive" in the absence of evidence to the contrary)

1. That I'll always manage to finish any project I take on by the deadline, even if I wait until the last minute.
2. Whenever I start a relationship I think I tend to be complete optimistic - which seems unwarranted based on the historical record.
3. I think I'm unrealistically optimstic about humanity in general.

I1. In what ways do you treat yourself differently than you treat your friends? Why?

I'm a lot harder on myself than on anyone else. I hold myself to higher standards than I hold others to. Things I ride myself for doing I have no trouble excepting in others.

I2. What's the shortest/longest you've ever worn your hair?

Shortest would be today - I shave my head. Longest would be just before I first shaved my head last spring, I hadn't cut my hair at all in over 11 years. It was down past my shoulder blades.

I3. What's your attitude towards nudity?

While intellectually I know I shouldn't have any problem with it, I'm still not comfortable with it. I don't mind nudity in others, or perhaps most others, but I'm not comfortable enough with my own body to be nude around someone who isn't my SO.

I4. Is there anyone who's died whom you frequently + actively wish were still alive?

Derek - I still miss him and wish he were around. I also miss my maternal grandmother - I wish she was still around, and still active like she was when I was in high school. I want to bake with her again, in her old kitchen... I'm tearing up a bit thinking about it.

I5. If you had unlimited money to spend on works of art, decoration, and other aesthetic/beautiful but utterly non-functional things - what would you buy, make, commission, or otherwise use the money for?

What's non-functional? Is a comic non-functional? A film? They don't *do* anything. I'd love to fund an animated version of some of the Eyrie works.

Well, that took a while, but it was interesting. Wonder if anyone will ask any really tough questions...
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