MegaZone (zonereyrie) wrote,

A spot of good news...

Well, time really flies. I posted back on March 17th and thought I'd be active on LJ again - only I quickly fell off again, being pre-occupied with job hunting. Going through job postings for hours on end and writing cover letters and sending in applications is just draining and depressing. Thank you for the kind wishes on my last post, I apologize for not responding sooner.

The good news is that I've just accepted an offer from ColoSpace, just waiting for the paperwork to make it official. I'm guessing I'll start next week. The job is in Somerville, so I'll have a bit of a commute. Fortunately, I'll be working third shift (23:00-07:30), so I shouldn't be dealing with a lot of traffic. It'll be Sunday night through Friday morning, though the first few weeks I'll be working normal shifts to get oriented.

A side-effect is that I'll be driving into Somerville daily, so it would probably be easy to come in a few hours early to meet folks at night for dinner, etc, or in the morning before heading home.

The amusing part is that the ColoSpace offices in Somerville are in the same building as Internap, formerly CO Space, where z_gryphon used to work.

In unrelated news, I finally setup LoudTwitter to post my tweets here each day since I seem to have replaced posting to LJ with posting to Twitter, for the most part. It should post behind and LJ-cut and LJ-tagged as 'twitter' and 'tweets' so they can be filtered out if you want. We'll see how it works tonight.
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