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My tweets from the past day...

  • 19:21 So much for going out last night, I got too close to my bed and passed out face down in my clothes, lights still on. I guess I was tired. #
  • 19:22 I woke up this morning just long enough to shed my clothes, turn out the light, put on my CPAP, and get under the covers. So Nick's tonight. #
  • 19:24 I debating jumping from AT&T to T-Mobile for a G1 now vs. keeping my Treo 680 longer to see more Android phones later this year. #
  • 19:27 Work would pick up my phone if I go to Verizon, but they have shit for phones. The HTC Touch Pro is the *only* passable phone IMHO. #
  • 19:29 And I want Android anyway. Plus I still hold a grudge against Verizon and I like GSM because of the SIM. So no Verizon until maybe LTE. #
  • 20:02 @AndrewNYC Yeah, not a fan of the Storm - I like physical keyboards. Same major reason I don't like the iPhone. #
  • 20:03 @AndrewNYC Plus no WiFi on the Storm. I did consider the BB Bold, but if I'm getting a new GSM phone I may as well go G1. #
  • 20:04 @chiieddy Yeah, I need to learn the area if I'm going to be there more often. I know Harvard Sq & Faneuil Hall but that's about it. #
  • 20:06 ATTN everyone who followed me recently, if I didn't follow you back it is because I have no idea who you are. If I know you contact me. #
  • 20:16 My new job with @colospace includes a lot of driving in new areas, I'm thinking of picking up a GPS with traffic updates - recommendations? #
  • 20:32 @iHadron I know @davezatz has some knowledge of GPS devices, maybe he'll jump in. :-) #
  • 21:00 Frak - I just discovered that my Tuning Adapter wedged sometime Tuesday and my TiVo has been missing recordings all week. Grrrrrr. #
  • 21:09 @chiieddy I rather like Fire+ice actually. ;-) I've used a G1 - Sling sent me one since they were looking at SlingPlayer on Android. #
  • 21:14 @chiieddy I do like BBQ too, I'm sure I'll hit Redbones #
  • 21:21 OK, looks like all but 5 shows are re-airing soon so I can record them. And 4 of those 5 were recorded on my backup SD S2 TiVo. Lucky. #
  • 21:35 @PDelahanty That 'Life After People' was a one-shot special. #
  • 22:03 @Tireguy I don't know, they fired me for mentioning it and after that I was out of the loop. #
  • 23:02 I'm down at Nick's. Cabaret night, good crowd tonight. #
  • 23:26 I'm having one of tonight's specials for dinner at Nick's - Currywurst. #
  • 23:27 It is good, but makes me feel like I'm in a parallel universe where Germany colonized India. #

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