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MegaZone's Safety Valve
The Ramblings of a Damaged Mind
My tweets from the past day...
  • 00:12 I wonder if Twitter adding a Captcha to the 'follow' process would reduce the number of spambots? Click follow -> Captcha to complete. #
  • 00:46 @devreality In theory it should work for me, given my nocturnal habits, but it'll probably take a little adjusting at first. #
  • 00:50 @shwood I don't know that I'm normal, but I'm non-magic. I think it was unprofessional for Criss to do what he did - but I agree with him. #
  • 00:56 I notice a plug for Tweet Deck on the upper-right of my Twitter page - is that a paid ad or unsolicited pimping from the Twitter folks? #
  • 00:56 Speaking of, I need to find time to check out Tweet Deck and see if it is worth switching from Twirl. #
  • 01:00 @andrea_berman Laptops: I bought a new HP last fall and saved $500 by watching for special promos online. Always check for those. #
  • 01:01 @andrea_berman HP, Dell, Toshiba, etc, all tend to have regular promos 'first X sold $500 off', etc. Some good deals pop up if you watch. #
  • 01:05 @andrea_berman My last two laptops have been HP, and my parents have HP machines too. I'm not brand loyal, they just come out on top. #
  • 01:18 @drkiki It'd be cool if Leo got TWIT.tv hooked up with Tivo as a TiVoCast channel - easy access to the content on the big screen. #
  • 06:29 This feels so Cyberpunk 2020 - I know it is criminal, but it is kind of cool: www.wired.com/politics/security/news/2009/04/fleetcom #
  • 11:29 I stayed at work a bit late this morning - the upside is I got to stop at Five Guys in Marlborough for logical dinner. #
  • 12:03 @codeimpossible Next to Panera in the plaza behind ex-Cyphermint. They also build a Chipotle in that plaza since Cyphermint closed. #
  • 12:04 @pfloyd23 This was my second time at Five Guys. I tried them for the first time a couple of weeks ago. Damn good burgers and fries. #
  • 12:05 @VinceA Yeah, I started working for ColoSpace a couple of weeks ago. #
  • 12:13 @jenncutter Oh hell no, remaking Videodrome? #
  • 12:54 @RBDurgin @codeimpossible Yeah, I got a tour of the re-built office one night when I stopped by to see what was up. It is all changed now. #
  • 12:54 @RBDurgin @codeimpossible One of those turn-key executive rent-an-office places is moving in, so it is all individual offices now. #
  • 00:00 @RBDurgin Probably the same guy I met, he did seem pretty cool. 2450s? I hope he got them cheap. I was hoping Cyphermint would sell off more #
  • 00:01 @RBDurgin There were a lot of fairly new LCD monitors and I would've picked up a few. #

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