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My tweets from the past day...

  • 00:32 @pnkrcklibrarian If you do that, I demand video. #
  • 00:32 You know, I normally use the phrase "So tired I passed out" figuratively - this morning, not so much #
  • 00:33 I got dizzy just as I was getting home, so I just dropped my bag and jacket, and laid down on my bed to stop the spinning - came to 5hrs l8r #
  • 00:34 Just long enough to get out of my boots and clothes and properly crawl into bed for a couple more hours. #
  • 00:35 @grantimahara Weaponizers? That sounds like something I need to see... *off to search the TiVo* #
  • 00:54 Fast food industry double-fail tonight. First I tried BK - lights on, 'open late' sign lit, people inside - nothing. I gave up after a few. #
  • 00:55 Turns out they closed at midnight, I got there at like midnight-oh-one. Fair enough - but they could've said something. Cars behind me too. #
  • 00:57 So I hit McD's down the street, which is 24hr. My burger has no bottom bun. Just the meat sitting on the box. Way to go guys. #
  • 01:07 @pnkrcklibrarian I generally get my hentai on DVD - largely from - when I do seek such things. #
  • 01:08 @pnkrcklibrarian I could probably lend you some - shp over a care package. ;-) #
  • 01:12 @pnkrcklibrarian They're just purchase, not rental - not sure about anime rentals, haven't really don't that. Have you see any Bible Black? #
  • 01:14 @pnkrcklibrarian Just send them back when you're done with them. :-) #
  • 01:52 Oh, burn - RT @kevinrose: Employees Don't Have Heart To Tell CEO About Facebook: haha, love the onion #
  • 01:54 @grantimahara I tried to get into Doing DaVinci, but while I liked the creations the 'drama' aspects turned me off to the show. #
  • 05:44 @claudiasnell That's OK, you can laugh at my naked meat... wait, that didn't come out right... #
  • 05:48 @cynbaby I'm sure plenty of women have never done a French braid #
  • 06:23 @claudiasnell It is always nicer when you have buns around your meat. #
  • 06:33 @LW_Will I was waiting for someone to come back with 'That's what's she said'. ;-) #
  • 06:35 @claudiasnell I blame @solipsistnation - he left a similar jibe in response via Facebook and planted the seed. So to speak. #
  • 06:39 @LW_Will No, it was the anticipated response. I set it, you spiked it. ;-) #
  • 06:45 @LW_Will Indeed. ;-) #
  • 06:45 @cynbaby Oh, good combo. #
  • 12:46 @choochoobear Dungeon Crawl #
  • 12:49 @daveseah Your blog post form doesn't have an auto-save? #

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