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My tweets from the past day...

  • 01:47 Crap, I'm sick. Went to bed fine, woke up a few hours later all stuffed up with a sore throat. Medicated and slept a little more, then work. #
  • 01:48 Now I'm on Wal-phed PE (Walgreen's non-drowsy (hah!) sudafed clone) and Excedrin, keep breaking into a sweat and getting light headed. Suck. #
  • 01:50 Can't focus or think well, throat getting worse - want to crawl into bed and pass out, but I have to meet a customer at 4am so I'm staying. #
  • 02:54 @StormCrow42 I know - but the idea is being able to function. Actual pseudoephedrine is sleepy time stuff - say hell to Klaus! #
  • 02:55 @StormCrow42 Um, say hello to Klaus... (Denis Leary ref...) #
  • 07:53 @cynbaby Thank you. It got worse overnight, I'm home now and plan to dose up on NyQuil and sleep. #

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