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  • 02:02 I've seen the Bing search overload commercial twice now - it still doesn't make sense and utterly fails to convey why I'd check it out. #
  • 02:13 Good news, everyone! RT @ToplessRobot: FUTURAMA LIVES (RT @ANNZac: RT @alexleavitt: RT @jpsotis) #
  • 02:28 RT @donttrythis: RT @badastronomer: Oprah: shame on you. It should go without saying that I'm in full agreement on this. #
  • 02:29 @MorganWebb North Korea will almost certainly use them as leverage "Sure we can release them, for the right concessions." #
  • 02:59 Two US journalists sentenced to 12 years hard labor by North Korea: This is not a surprise, they're bargaining chips. #
  • 03:02 @snipeyhead Annoying you have to auth to them to opt-out, why not a twitter account you can @message to say 'blacklist me'. ;-) #
  • 05:19 What? Next you're going to tell me that Smurfberries aren't real berries! Check it - a woman sued over Crunchberries. #
  • 05:24 @chiieddy Yeah, I saw that in the article I linked to. Same lawyers/idiots. #
  • 07:16 @snipeyhead Stay up for 3-4 days and then you get to see all kinds of interesting things. And, if you're me, develop extreme paranoia. #
  • 07:23 Stormer always was my favorite: #
  • 07:24 @snipeyhead Yeah, me too - as I get older it gets harder to pull multi-day stints. In my early 20s 2 days was easy, 3 wasn't too hard. #
  • 07:29 @snipeyhead As time goes by I get increasingly upset we don't have Ghost in the Shell style full cyborg conversions. #
  • 07:30 @davezatz Apple? Are they stull around - I thought the Pre put them out of business. ;-) #
  • 07:35 @snipeyhead I think a filter would be mandatory - I sure as hell don't want *my* brain spewing raw output on Twitter. They'd lock me up. ;-) #
  • 07:37 @snipeyhead Heck, sometimes I kind of scare myself with what my brain pops up with. #
  • 07:38 @snipeyhead I've been online just about 20 years now, my brain is irredeemably twisted. #
  • 07:44 Attention my WPI peer group - this should amuse you, knowing a certain someone: #
  • 07:50 @snipeyhead I was sweet, innocent and naive before I found the Internet. Now I'm a Discordian, lecher, geek, and my legal name is MegaZone. #
  • 07:51 @snipeyhead So I have a lot to thank the Internet for. ;-) #
  • 07:55 @snipeyhead Well, OK, so the inclinations may have been there - but the net should helped provide a lot of knowledge to help flesh them out. #
  • 07:58 @snipeyhead Even hentai doesn't fill in all the dark corners of the net. ;-) Though it is nice in its own way. #
  • 08:04 @snipeyhead I first saw that in college - picked it up not knowing what it was. First hentai I ever saw, didn't know it was until watching. #
  • 08:04 @snipeyhead Around WPI some people *still* call it 'Sex, Demons, and Basketball', which was the kind of joke name we came up with for it. #
  • 08:08 @snipeyhead Awwww. ;-) #

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