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  • 04:28 Ooh, @aviationweek is on Twitter. (I've been a subscriber for years, I'm a bit of an aviation geek - was before I became a tech geek.) #
  • 05:38 @snipeyhead You know, any brand that blindly republishes tweets that mention them is just asking for a visit from 4chan. #
  • 06:21 Not the first with a 90/10 split RT @muskrat_john: BBC: Twitter Hype Punctured By Study - #
  • 06:37 @ardaniel Ah, Table Talk pies - they cost like $.99 too, maybe less. One Pi Day (3/14) at Cyphermint Drak and I bought a shitload of them. #
  • 07:57 Engineers are troublesome 'expert loners', says prof One of the attractions of WPI for me was the team project focus. #
  • 11:25 @digitalkitty Yeah, that's pretty cool I admit. #
  • 11:37 @acedtect Wow, three lovely, intelligent ladies, you lucky stiff. ;-) #
  • 11:39 RT @tivogirl: Hey @DisneyPixar - welcome to Twitter! #
  • 11:56 @snipeyhead I've seen so many people typo 'Large Hadron Collider' - there should be gay physicist pr0n with the typo'd title. #
  • 11:58 @snipeyhead Very excited about Futurama. #
  • 12:01 Remember the rumor about Futurama coming back? Confirmed - only better, *26* episodes! #
  • 12:04 And yes, I know that URL is a link to a 2007 article about the new episodes back then. Comedy Central has picked it up for a 6th season. #
  • 14:13 @trent_reznor Understandable pulling back from the social networks, just wanted to say thanks for sharing what you have - and go be happy! #
  • 14:16 RT @JessLoebig: My shameless plug for the day. :) G-O TiVo! You have to see this to #
  • 14:19 @TychoBrahe You can foil Twitter's reply-masking by putting any character before the '@' at the start of the reply, the target still gets it #
  • 15:01 RT @DannyTRS: If I didn't know this was real....holy crap! EARTH RISE: RT @ryan_connolly: Friggin awesome - #
  • 15:05 Random pondering - is a paedophile furry attracted to anthropomorphic puppies and kittens and such? #
  • 15:06 My brain, fear it. #
  • 15:13 @snipeyhead I can understand the sentiment, but they really need to work on their sales pitch. And 'Romantic Explosion' sounds like a band. #
  • 17:54 @snipeyhead I know someone who used to use the 'nice shoes' line successfully in college. He got away with things that'd get others slapped. #
  • 17:54 Long day - just got home from work, need to crash for a few hours then head back. #
  • 18:00 @acedtect Total tech failure? DCC - Digital Compact Cassette. I'd say DAT too, but it found success as a data storage medium. #
  • 18:03 @acedtect HD DVD is something I'd consider a total tech failure given it's trouncing by BD and subsequent short life - and money lost on it. #

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