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MegaZone's Safety Valve
The Ramblings of a Damaged Mind
My tweets from the past day...
  • 01:53 I'm not a big fan of wearing suits, but I'm tempted to get one (or more) from here when I've paid off more debt: bit.ly/18fgFv Nice. #
  • 02:05 Thinking about 'Crispy Hexagons', I want a line of like-named cereals - Fruity Toroids, Chocolatey Spheroids, Wheat Parallelograms, etc. #
  • 02:10 It could get somewhat esoteric - Crunchy Dodecahedrons, Honey Mobius Strips, Conical Frustrum Clusters, Tesseracts with Red Berries... #
  • 07:50 @geekacademic I think the store's address is Pi Imaginary Way. #
  • 07:52 Hmm, another one - Fractal Flakes! If you break one of the flakes the pieces are all the same shape as the original. Freakily delicious! #
  • 14:13 Sony Walkman vs. Apple iPod, through the eyes of a 13 year old. An interesting perspective on 30 years of tech changes: is.gd/1ifI9 #

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