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My tweets from the past day...

  • 01:16 @digitalkitty See also heavy plugging of VW Routan on FX's Rescue me #
  • 01:42 My brain is unfocused tonight - passed on on the loveseat yesterday, woke up to crawl into bed for some real sleep, then had a nightmare... #
  • 01:43 I haven't had a fscking nightmare in $DIETY knows how long, what's up with that? So not enough (good) sleep and out of sorts - huzzah. #
  • 01:45 Though I seem to be over the severe negative reaction I had to my heart med change early in the week. (Did I mention that? Yeah, not good.) #
  • 02:55 Thwarted! I tried to hit Moody's Falafel Palace for food, but all the had left was fish - the one thing I won't eat. Off to the deli. #
  • 04:24 Just helped someone from Sofia, Bulgaria with a question about *JAVA* on Aardvark! #

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