MegaZone (zonereyrie) wrote,

WTF is

A month or so ago I got a spammish email telling me someone had submitted a report about me (well, my email address) to this site So I looked at the site and it looks pretty bad - garish color scheme, etc. Something someone slapped together after reading 'My First Website'. They want to charge you for an account to be able to view the reports. So I tend to think it is a scam - they send you email telling you that someone is talking about you, which is designed to make you curious, then you have to pay to see what they said. I shrugged it off.

Today I got another one, saying that someone else supposedly left a report about me. Peaked my curiosity again since it goes straight for me 'people talk about me behind my back' soft spot (that whole self-image thing). But no, I'm just going to ignore this site. Especially since the second notice was exactly a month later (5/23 and 6/23) - smells too much like a scam.

Google didn't have any hits for ''. Oh, but Google Groups did. Good nose - if it smells like a scam, it is a scam. Apparently these lusers have been at it for a few years now.
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