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My tweets from the past day...

  • 08:44 This is very cool! RT @kpereira: Artificial robotic hand transmits feelings to nerves. Incredible: #
  • 08:50 Why? Because we can, that's why! RT @anildash: From @kottke: Launching an anvil 200' in the air. #
  • 09:16 XKCD: The Animation #
  • 09:17 @wilw Thanks to your tweet I now have "Where there's a whip, there's a way" stuck in my head. I hope you're happy. ;-) Nice work on BBT BTW. #
  • 09:23 I agree - use the series as exa mple RT @trishalynn: DreamWorks hires new screenwriter for live-action Ghost in the Shell #
  • 09:25 I don't care either - i only use it when my TiVo fails me RT @davezatz: Let them charge. Hulu can only improve. [ZNF] #
  • 09:31 Bets on fatigue/sleep? RT @geekaren: RT @BetterWings Airline crew overshot airport by 240 KM: Fighter jets on alert #
  • 09:35 @geekaren I just read AvWeek's fatigue issue, so the timing was interesting. I work nights myself and know fatigue all too well. #
  • 10:13</ em> @phpchick Your mom uses DHTML! (Sorry, it seemed like the only correct response...) #
  • 13:16 Just helped someone from Pittsburgh, PA with a question about *online* ...on Aardvark! #

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