MegaZone (zonereyrie) wrote,

Dear Anime News Network

Sorry for the line wrapping, cut & pasted from an email I'm sending:

It was just brought to my attention that someone at ANN took pieces of
a post I made to the AnimeCons mailing list, quoted them out of the
context of my mail, and used them in a news item on the ANN website
without notifying me in any way:

I find this highly upsetting. The AnimeCons mailing list has long
been a place that those involved with running a convention can speak
freely to exchange information and help each other. If anything said
there is subject to being quoted without notification, let alone
request, then the value of the list is greatly diminished. People
will have to remain guarded with what they say, the ability to speak
freely is gone thanks to this.

The way my words were quoted it makes it look like PMX is somehow
pitted against AX, since it is pointed out that most of the people
involved are ex-AX. Yes, that's currently true - but it is most of a
fairly small group, the core staff. And the fact that we're ex-AX
isn't the driving issue, we're involved because we know each other and
have worked together. And yes, it most cases that is through AX. But
it isn't an important issue, and we're taking pains to *not* be seen
as trying to go against AX, etc. Many of us worked for AX through the
AX-AnAm 'Con Wars' in the mid-90s, and we'd really rather not repeat
them. We expect to have staffers who will be working both AX and PMX,
as well as other conventions such as Anime Boston. We're very much
trying to avoid this becoming an us vs. them issue.

The text you quoted about renumeration was meant for the closed list,
and therefore not really worded as I would something for the public.
We don't know *if* we're going to do it, but we're structuring things
so that we *can* if we decide to do so, and if we have the money,
etc. Many, many ifs. This is a new convention, right now we're just
working on the initial plans and budgeting. Being able to offset the
expenses traditional born by the staffers (travel, etc) is an issue we
won't be addressing for some time yet. There are many things we'd
*like* to do, that we may not be able to - or may not be able to at
first, and only once the convention has established itself, etc.

What I find most distressing is the juxtaposition of the ex-AX staff
issue and the renumeration issue. I'm sure you're aware that there
has been controversy surrounding the SPJA and AX, largely focusing on
renumeration issues. By mentioning the ex-AX staff aspect of PMX, and
following it immediately by quoting me with "instead of the money
going to the people at the top, we're going to try to reward the
general staff" you make my words sound like a dig at AX. Nothing
could be farther from the truth - I'm friends with many of the people
at the core of AX, including Jen, the chair, and members of the board.
I staffed Anime Expo 1992-2002, including AXNY in 2002, and I may
still return to AX staff - I took 2003 off from convention staffing
because I needed a break.

Ideally I'd like to see the article pulled - but at least remove the
4th paragraph, the one about the renumeration policy. Taken out of
the context of the discussion in which is was posted, the meaning is
far from clear.
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